Save a Life -Zero Emergency Relief

Help us provide the homeless in Kankakee with
sleeping bags rated for below zero weather!

Kankakee Illinois December 15, 2017— With this year’s closings of the men’s, women’s and children’s Salvation Army of Kankakee shelters because of funding shifts with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development; the homeless living on the streets no longer have that location to seek shelter at during inclement weather. The Kankakee Area Jaycees, BeautifulIam and Fortitude Canteen Outreach, are working together to raise money to provide the homeless with sleeping bags that are made to withstand zero-degree weather.

The sleeping bags that will be supplied by the local Dick’s Sporting Goods in Bradley at a cost of $75 each with a bulk rate discount. Normally, they can cost up to $200 each. The goal is to hand out 50 or more sleeping bags.


Donta Gee, the founder of BeautifulIam and the soon-to-be 2018 Vice President for External Affairs for the Kankakee Area Jaycees, is at the helm of this project. Raising money for zero-degree weather is just one of the efforts to provide relief. In addition to the zero-degree weather sleeping bag fundraiser, Gee is working to try and get local churches and public safety entities to open their doors during extreme weather to provide temporary shelter for those without the means to seek shelter off the streets. Options for a permanent shelter are being explored, as well as, efforts to bring the PADS Program to Kankakee.

Update: Febuary 20, 2018. We have reached our goal! No more donations please. Official announcment coming soon.