Kankakee Area Jaycees Postcards

Kankakee Illinois April 2, 2018— The Kankakee Area Jaycees is teaming up with the Community Arts Council of Kankakee County to produce this exciting opportunity. The Jaycees are seeking local artists and photographers interested in taking part in a postcard project. Our three-point goal for this project includes generating funds, providing local artists with an opportunity to represent their city and bringing back a bit of old-fashioned tradition. The sale of the postcards will generate funds for the general operation of the Kankakee Area Jaycees, our upcoming events such as our downtown Halloween festival, and make funds available to help in the community as opportunities arise.

Artists and Photographers
The project will provide an opportunity to area artists and photographers to represent their city. The Kankakee Area Jaycees are seeking artists and photographers willing to donate their time and skill to produce these postcards. In exchange, they will receive credit on the back of their postcard as well as advertising on our social media accounts, website and in our newsletter.

Local Businesses
Advertising opportunities will be available for local businesses by offering them the chance to sponsor a postcard’s printing in exchange for a small logo and recognition on the back of the card. These businesses will also be thanked on our social media accounts, website and in our newsletter.

Our goal is 5-10 different postcards produced. Once the postcards are complete, Kankakee Area Jaycees will present the finished products for printing sponsorship. Be it art or photography; each postcard should be a unique representation of what the individual loves (or is inspired by) about Kankakee or Kankakee County.

The completion of even the minimal goal also gives us the opportunity to hold a small community social/function displaying the original artworks and photos. Artists and photographers will also have the option of donating the original art or photo for a silent auction to raise funds for the CAC of Kankakee County.

Another fun aspect that we plan to explore with this has to do with reminding people of an old-fashioned way to say hello. At Jaycees information booths, when people take an interest in the cards, we plan to offer that if they want to fill it out right away, for the extra cost of postage, we will drop it off at the post office for them.

Project Contact: Amy Laws
Cell: (815) 630-7051

Artist and photographer digital sign up form