Meet the 2019 Board

Amanda Bove is the Communications Director for the Kankakee Area Jaycees, which she joined in 2018. Amanda is a licensed elementary teacher, and she is currently a reading tutor. Amanda and her husband, Ed, have three sons, and she is active in multiple support groups for mothers. Amanda has a Master’s degree in Teaching and a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Publishing. Amanda cares deeply about education, child development, and support for women and families.

Meredith Brennan is the Community Director for the Kankakee Area Jaycees, which she joined this year. As a family support worker at Aunt Martha’s for Healthy Families, Meredith provides assistance for teenage mothers. Meredith grew up in Bradley and recently returned to the area after living in Kansas City for nine years, where she worked in senior living management. She is excited to be back in her hometown with her husband, Cameron, and their young daughter. Meredith is passionate about working with and helping the under-served populations in the community.

Amber Cahue is the President of the Kankakee Area Jaycees, which she has been a member of since 2016. Amber has her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Amber’s contributions to the community include being an administrator of Sleep in Heavenly Peace and a team member of the Bradley-Wesley Food Bank. Amber’s passions include her three dogs, positive movements, and traveling.

Christa Conner is currently serving as our Secretary, Treasurer, and State Director. She has served on the board of the Kankakee Area Jaycees since 2013. In addition to being a superstar Jaycee, Christa is a caring mother, animal lover, and is passionate about our community and safety. Christa is most proud of her expansive knowledge of Star Wars and it’s expanded universe. Christa works as a DJ and in the business development office at Court Street Ford. Christa is working on setting up regular food bank times for our rural communities in Kankakee County.

Morgan Hamblen is a new member of the Kankakee Area Jaycees, and she is serving as the Individual Development Director. Morgan is 25 years old and has lived in the Kankakee area for most of her life. She works for Indian Oaks Academy as a unit coordinator, and she absolutely loves it. She is currently getting a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and spending time with the people that she considers her tribe. She is very excited to be a part of the Jaycees, and she cannot wait to see where it takes her.

Alexandria Heinberg is the Vice President of Internal Affairs. Alex has been a member of the Kankakee Area Jaycees since October 2018. She works as a machine operator. Alex has always had a passion for volunteering and helping her community, which grew when she was nominated for the 2010 Kankakee County Youth Volunteer of the Year during her senior year at Bishop McNamara. Alex enjoys exploring new places and learning new things. She looks forward to growing with the Jaycees. This year, Alex wants to organize training programs and donations for local animal shelters.

Amy Laws is currently serving as Chairman of the Board and the Jaycees Web Director. Having served as President in 2018 and External Vice President in 2017, Amy’s passion project is Halloween Downtown, our new annual Halloween Festival. A business owner for 20 years as a web designer and author, Amy’s well-known lines to her life is “If I don’t know how to do it, I will learn how”.

Marleina Michels is a rookie member of the Kankakee Area Jaycees who has stepped into the leadership role as our Membership Director. She works as a member of the administrative staff at Court Street Ford. She is a mother of one and an animal lover. She plans to help with food bank deliveries in our county and to coordinate volunteer efforts for local animal rescues.

Diane Spry is a rookie member of the Kankakee Area Jaycees and has jumped right into the board, serving as our Business Director. She currently works as a member of the administrative staff at Court Street Ford. Diane is a wife, animal lover, and is a lung cancer survivor. She is a patient advocate for lung cancer research and awareness, as well as an advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. Diane hopes to further her reach in the community for her advocacy.

Annie Wehr is a new member of the Kankakee Area Jaycees this year, and she is serving on the board as the Vice President of External Affairs. Annie is a proud mother of two children. She lives in Momence, where she was born and raised. Annie is studying to become a realtor. Annie enjoys working with power tools, and she is also a painter and avid reader. Annie is passionate about making a difference for victims of domestic abuse.