Kankakee Day

Citizens of Kankakee, Illinois and the surrounding areas are invited to join in celebrating the Kankakee County seat’s 165th anniversary!

Kankakee Day is Thursday, June 21st this year

On this day we celebrate the history, culture, and continuing economic development of Kankakee: the city, the county, and the river. There will be a “Kankakee Day” presence at local events that embody hometown pride all week long, June 16th -June 23rd.

About Kankakee Day

On June 21st, 1853 the town known as Kankakee Depot was voted the official government seat for newly-founded Kankakee County. Shortly thereafter, such time-revered city landmarks as the courthouse were established creating its downtown.

One hundred years later, quite a bit of fanfare was held by local citizens, businesses, and organizations throughout the streets of that same downtown in honor of the first Kankakee Centennial Celebration. [This is the motivation behind what we do here this 21st day of June, within this Illinois Bicentennial year of 2018.]

The citizens of Kankakee Area have a lot to be proud of: an extremely rich cultural and economic heritage; a unique natural landscape courtesy of the Kankakee River; and a continuously developing history of outstanding community leaders.

Today, Kankakee continues as a breeding ground for creative genius, a growing hub for the arts, and a cornucopia of charitable hearts, famous for its uncanny ability to materialize respite in times of great need.

Right now, there is a need.

To boost civic pride; to make public information common knowledge; and to promote positive attitudes (of gratitude) throughout this region, [we the Kankakee Day Committee, in the name of revival,] declare June 21st of every year to be Kankakee Day.

On Kankakee Day, citizens shall be encouraged to enjoy the outdoors, learn about local history, engage in community service projects, get involved with local happenings, attend local events, support local government, talk to local leaders, eat local cuisine, patronize local businesses, and most importantly of all Love Kankakee.

We invite all to join us in celebrating Kankakee Day on June 21st this year (2018) and every year going forward. Thank you!


Kankakee Day’s first year of celebration is part of Illinois 200th Bicentennial Celebration


Enjoy the local
Talk with your local
Learn about local
Enjoy eating local
to help with a service project
Patronize and support local
Attend local


For more information on Kankakee Day, visit KankakeeDay.com